Brenda Webb

A graduate of performing arts, Brenda began her professional career acting, dancing and singing in dramas, musicals, reviews and touring companies. She has provided the character voices for a number of commercials, sound tracks and radio drama. Brenda is a member of the unique vocal ensemble Sweet Lips and performs with various jazz groups in and around Toronto. She has been seen as the lead singer for R&B band Crazy Leggs, the popular seven piece Motown review, Risqué and also brings ‘Adele’ to the stage, with tribute 'An Evening With Adelle'. “...the soft is soft and hard is hard and the emotion is unmistakable... moving and passionate"

She directed a national award winning youth performance group throughout the GTA for seven years and was nominated by the community and Toronto Public Libraries three times for the Children's Advocate award. Brenda is very passionate about her drama and performance work with children and youth in schools. She considers it a most valuable product to be empowering young people to have a voice and to be ably and confidently using it.

She is thrilled to now to be a part of the One-King, Rhythm & Blues Band.

John Tanti

Born and raised in Toronto (The Big Smoke), John Tanti cut his teeth with countless bands from the age of 14.

Played professionally for 10 years after college. He is the original drummer for Downchild Rhythm & Blues Band circa 1969-1975. Left the music business to peruse other opportunities.

He is back performing on a part-time basis with his R&B band One King performing at various venues in and around The GTA and most of all having fun.

Bill Prouten

Bill is a saxophonist/composer/educator based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and currently a supply teacher for the Toronto District School Board.

He relocated to Toronto, Ontario in the summer of 2011 from Fort McMurray, Alberta, where he had spent nine years as Woodwind Instructor at Keyano College and was the Director of the Keyano Jazz Festival from 2003 until 2010 inclusive.

He holds a Bachelor of Education from York University, a Masters Degree in Jazz Performance from the University of Southern California, a Bachelor of Music from McGill, and a Diploma in Jazz Studies from St. Francis Xavier University. He has studied saxophone and improvisation in a variety of educational settings with Bob Sheppard, David Liebman, Pat LaBarbera, Shelton Berg, Kevin Dean, Janis Steprans, and Gordon Foote.

Graeme Morrison

Graeme Morrison has been playing bass for the past 15 years. He studied jazz at Humber College for two years before pursuing a career in public relations. Growing up, Graeme’s experience playing in a community funk and R&B band brought out his love for groove, which has only grown stronger as the years have gone by.

He’s been actively playing with various funk and jazz groups over the years and is excited to hold down the bottom end with One King.

Bruce Jacobs

Bruce Jacobs has been performing on keyboard for live audiences since the mid-60's with the local rock bands; The Mystics, The Nomads and Hartfield. Local high school and university dances and private venues provided the musical background.Throughout his career as an educator and administrator with the TDSB, Bruce continued to pursue his love of contemporary music forms in staff bands and at various business and celebratory events.

In the last decade his focus was with the musicians of the bands Seva and BackTrack.Bruce thanks his mother for prevailing in keeping him in piano lessons when he was a pre-teen.He is pleased to be joining John Tanti and Brenda Webb in 'One King' with its focus on R 'n B, Motown and Funk.

Frazer Turk

Raised in a musical household where there were amazing musicians around all the time, Frazer picked up the musical bug in his early teens and is still infected to this day. Inspired by every style and genre of music Frazer has played guitar in original acts, cover bands and written and recorded music for other artists, podcasts and himself..

Jazzy J

Jazzy J (Jason Olah) Alto Saxophonist/Entertainer:

Studied at the Royal Conservatory of Music. He has played with many professional entertainers from over sea's and in his home town T. He has a flair for improvising that adds delight to the ear... He has played with a variety of orchestra's, DJ's, to stag bands. He also is a great secessionist for Dj production. KeyOneEntertainment.comis one of his clients. The style and groove he likes to play to..... Electro House, Funk, Old School House, Tribal Beats(Rhythmic African), Soul Music, B-Bop and Jazz. I always look forward providing good memories and good vibes to complement your soul.


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